When requesting a cover up session. Please send an attached photo of your existing tattoo, for assessment. Not all cover up projects will be accepted. If it’s too large and too dark, or too colorful, laser treatments will be recommended. Cover ups can be much more difficult to deal with while it may cause some limitations to the new design. An extra effort of manipulating the old tattoo will need to be done. This will cause day rates to fluctuate in price depending on the extremity of your existing tattoo.


Looks like you’re ready to make some serious progress on your large project. This is a great way to get it started. Lets answer some of your questions at your reassurance. You’ll have noticed the rates have varied from the regular full day rates. The Multi-day session is a combination of both Half day and Hull day rates together, in each day booked. You'll find that when you take the regular rates of Half day and Full day rates you'll get more than what is quoted for your Multi-Day Session. These sessions are designed to cover a very large area of the body, to make as much progress in a large project as possible, such as, Sleeve, Leg Sleeve, Back piece, Full Torso, Full Chest Panel, Full Thigh Panel, etc……. (Rates vary depending on location) And I shoot to go above and beyond for these projects, to get you the most you can get.This also allows me to create and layout the design and flow and work into a stopping point to continue into your second, third, or even fourth day. Some projects may exceed those amounts of sessions, this all depends on your size, first and foremost, as well as the design and placement. When booking a Multiday session you will be required to make an additional deposit amount, that amount of the additional deposit will vary by how many days your are scheduling. Each payment will be applied to the total amount of the tattoo. All final balance payments will be paid in full on the first day of your appointment before your session begins. Luke’s tattoo sessions are an ALL DAY ENDEAVOR. Be well rested and eat well before your appointment. It is your responsibility to arrive on time, show up and make your appointment. Please be courteous and kind enough to please CALL OR TEXT me at (702)408-6929 if you are a FEW minutes behind schedule.  It is also your responsibility to be mentally ready for your multiday session. If you are traveling from afar to your appointment, please ensure your travel and hotel accommodations are booked outside the date parameters of your tattoo sessions. Since you have booked ?????? amount of days you will be charged in full for each day booked. Regardless of any errors on your end