After your tattoo is completed, you will be prepped for the application of Dermal Care. Dermal Care is an adhesive bandage that seals the tattooed area. This allows your tattoo to heal naturally with the blood plasma that is produced after opening the skin. 

This bandage is required to be left applied to the fresh tattoo for a 4 to 5 day period. You may notice a fluid build up under the bandage, DO NOT DRAIN or POKE HOLES in the bandage. Leave the fluid in there, your body will absorb any bodily fluids under the bandage. Trim the corners if they start to lift to keep the bandage intact. If the bandage starts to peal off a small portion of the tattoo, trim the loose bandage and leave the bandage on for the full duration.

However, if you notice a large air pocket thru the bandage or if it has pealed off a large portion of the tattoo then remove the bandage. USE YOUR BEST JUDGEMENT!!! And contact me if you have any questions. 

You may wear any type of clothing over the bandage, shower, & work out with the bandage on. 

After the bandage is removed, clean the tattoo with a soapy wash cloth, lightly wiping it down getting it as clean as possible. Dry the tattoo off and apply Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare to your new tattoo. Once the bandage is removed wash your tattoo 2 - 3 times daily and apply the Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare as needed to keep your tattoo moisturized throughout the day. Do this until the tattoo is fully healed. 

Once the bandage comes off at 4 -5 days, you should be roughly 90% percent healed. It may take another couple weeks to a month for the tattoo to be fully healed. You will want to avoid direct sunlight and submerging it in water and keep the new tattoo area moisturized for optimal healing.