A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is REQUIRED to secure your appointment on the schedule. All deposits are payable thru PayPal. Deposit amounts will vary depending on how much time is scheduled for your appointment. Deposits paid thru PayPal are subject to a 3.1% processing fee. Once your deposit has been received, I will send you a confirmation of your scheduled appointment and attach an invoice to the email. Your invoice will show deposit paid and your final balance due, with final balance payment options. 

Your deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to your total session rate. If you're unable to make your appointment and need to reschedule, you will be required to make a second deposit toward your tattoo session. I will give you available date options for your reschedule. At this point, both deposits will be applied to your tattoo session. You will be required to make the secondary deposit payment at that time of reschedule. 

If you're unable to make your rescheduled appointment, you will FORFEIT both deposits. You will then start fresh at zero and be required to send a NEW deposit to secure your appointment on the schedule. 

Your reasons for missing your appointment will be considered at my professional discretion to consider the deposit roll over with a secondary deposit. Unwillingness to accept new dates given or failure to make payment of the secondary deposit will confirm the forfeiture of your deposit. 

It is your responsibility to show up on time and manage your travel plans for your scheduled appointment. Showing up late without notice, no call no show, or mis-managed travel plans are causes of deposit forfeiture.